Internal program error: Src\ClientProxyImpl.cpp, 1157 in ABBYY FlexiCapture12 project setup station

When I'm trying to change workflow properties of a project in project setup station, after clicking ok or apply i ge error:

Internal program error: Src\ClientProxyImpl.cpp, 1157

I've tried this solution but it didn't work for me. 

I've also tried to reinstall stations.



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    Scott Chau

    This is usually an issue with your batch type and older release of FlexiCapture.  Best option is to contact support to get the latest version where the issue is resolved.

    Otherwise, you could use fcadmintools to move your docdef and batch type to a new FlexiCapture Project.

    1. Create new project
    2. Upload new project to server
    3. Transfer Doc Def and Batch types via FCAdminTools from Local project to Sever project

    Better option is to upgrade to latest release so the issue doesn't happen again.


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