Repeating Group Question

I am trying to figure out my relations to capture a table (or repeating group) under a repeating headers (nested repeating group). Below is how the data is structured:

Work Order1

   Job 001   Description1   Total    Fees   Amount Due

Work Order2

   Job 002   Description1   Total    Fees   Amount Due


I am not certain on the relations I would use for the nested repeating groups. I was able to capture the Headers but I am unable to capture the items underneath consistently. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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    Scott Chau

    Probably easier this was in a  project but I'll try to diagram as best as I can


    Repeat Instance

    -Character String ("Work Order" N).  Nearest Point

         -Repeat Instance (Below Work Order and Above Last Found WorkOrder)


             -Description (right of Job and Above Bottom -10 Job and Below Top - 10 Job)



    So basically your first Repeatable instance is to get the WorkOrder.  You want to grab the last one on the page first.  To do that, you tell it you want the near point.  Something like (0, 99999).  Point is XY coordinate.

    Next is to grab the nested group.  To make sure it doesn't go everywhere, you would tell it to look only between the current instance of WorkOrder and the Last Found.  This is why we are starting from the bottom.  It makes a really boundry.


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