Auto retrive barcode value from ABBYY Scanning Station to Registration Parameters

Is there a way to auto retrieve barcode value from ABBYY Scanning Station to "Registration Parameters". I've set up a "Document Registration Parameters" and use the "separated by pages with barcodes" function in Document separation.

So I am trying to retrieve this "separated by pages with barcodes"  value and auto index to one of my Registration Parameters.

As far as I know, this need to be done by scripting. However, I am stuck on calling the method IScriptFoundBarcode.Value, I am guessing due to the reason that I am not working in the correct layer. Based on the information from, I try to use "this" to specify the workspace I am currently in, but still does not work.




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    Scott Chau

    Assuming you are using the barcode to separate the pages into documents in the scan station, the following "on scan complete" script will pull the Barcode value into the Document Registration parameter call BarcodeValue

    for (var i = 0; i < this.ActiveBatch.Children.Count; i++)
    if (this.ActiveBatch.Children(i).IsDocument)
    this.ActiveBatch.Children(i).DocumentInfo.RegistrationProperties.Value("BarcodeValue") = this.ActiveBatch.Children(i).DocumentInfo.Barcode;



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