License page usage per project/batch

What is the best way to get accurate number of exact license page usage per batch,   

In our situation we have multiple tenants with multiple projects in them, our goal is to get accurate number of license pages used per project in a given time period, with potential ability to track this on batch level for fine tuning our solution.

Will querying the PageCount in dbo.Batch will accurately represent how many license pages were deducted in each batch?



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    Scott Chau

    Yes the page count should give you an accurate count of pages in that batch.  

    Just be aware it might depend on when you do this SQL query too.  Meaning, if you have the option Delete Processed Batch enable, and the Batch is deleted, when the run the query, those batches would not show up. 

    Also keep in mind that if you created a Project and loaded test image, they also take a page count.  So you have to take those into consideration too.

    A better option would be if each tenant had their own license and you can run a report of page count in the license manager.  This would account for all pages that were used; in production and testing.


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