Best Practices for flexicapture 12 deployment

We use flexicapture12 for invoices on premise, with different servers for development and production. 

what are the best practices to deploy any project changes in this case ?

should we export import/ document definitions ? or entire projects for any changes ? 

are they other ways to deploy instead of manual export and import ? 

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    Vladimir Dimitrijević

    Hi Sachin,

    Best practice in your case is to export whole project from DEV and import it to PROD.
    Even better scenario would be if you have several projects and then you would need PRE-PROD server for user acceptance test, in that case you would use DEV only for developers which is also better option, as you will not loose time when making changes on project which is currently used for testing by other users...

    Always deploy a project after working hours. Prepare all you need before (export the PROD project as a backup, export DEV project and set environment variables, prepare database scripts, modify hot folders, etc.), so in case of any issue you can always rollback your changes and verification users will not loose their time.

    Always send all documents back to the Recognition stage, because when you publish document definition, users will see that newer document definition is available and they will be confused. 

    You can use FCAdminTools to export/update project:

    Best regards,

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    Sachin Bhutani

    Thank Vladimir, 

    we do have a pre-prod instance, but as you pointed out there's a laundry list of items to be done once project is overwritten from dev/pre prod:- 

    this process being completely manual is prone to errors and compliance concerns: 

    "export DEV project and set environment variables, prepare database scripts, modify hot folders, etc. " 

    what should be done with working /training batches in the project, when it is moved from dev/pre-prod to production ? 





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