FineReader PDF 15: PDF to Word - Hot Folder Conversion Different from Manual

Converting PDF to Word method:

1.  Hot Folder

2. Manual using the Abbyy GUI application

The "Manual" method color highlights suspected error text translations.   "Hot Folders" does not highlight any text.   

Is there a "Hot Folder" setting to highlight possible translation problems?



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    2n Difference.  PDF to Word conversion

    1. Manual Text line location is close to the orignal's PDF Text line position

    2. The Hot Folder translation's position is 2 inches lower.


    I can send samples PDF and screen prints to Abbyy.for their review.

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Nlaw,

    To have uncertain characters highlighted in output Word documents when converting using HotFolder, check this option in Options dialouge when setting up or modifying the task:

    As to your second question, settings for each Hot Folder task are individual. So check if the conversion settings for your Hot Folder task are the same as the settings set in the main user interface. First of all, check the layout mode settings. If this doesn't solve the problem, please open a support ticket and provide the samples.



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