FlexiCapture- Table not detected correctly


I detected the table header successfully, as you can see here-

But im having trouble to detect the table's body, The table results do not match the table header, as we can see here:

Is it possible to understand the reason of this?

 I tried to detect only one column- the date columns (the left one) and i got the same result- the header was correct but the table was detected at the middle of the page.

Another issue is the columns order, im searching for solution that can work from right to left - does the table object is relevant for this situation or only the repeating group object?

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    Scott Chau

    Look at the "column" tab in the table element and make sure it mapped to those column label you found.  Also set the order to rules for column order and make sure to not put any rules in there.  Try that and let me know how it goes

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    Try to add all while extracting the table and you can filter them while exporting


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