How do I change the tab order for controls on an interactive PDF form

I have found out that the default tab order for a finished interactive PDF is the order in which the controls were added to the document.  I would like to change that tab order, as it is a little ludicrous to have to plan out every control's addition in order for the end user to be able to tab through the document controls in a logical sequence.  If that is not an option available in the package, I think that it would be a very useful feature to add in the next update of the product.  I really am somewhat amazed that there doesn't seem to be a way to do it in such a sophisticated product now.  Makes me think that I am just missing how to do it, but searching for "tab order" doesn't reveal a thing about setting it.



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    Nina Blokhina

    Hello Paul, at the moment there is no functionality to change the order of interactive forms. You would need to create them anew in the order that you need.

    Thank you for your suggestion, it has been registered in our system.


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