Widely varying page sizes in pdf ceated from multiple jpg(s)


I'm encountering a problem with Abbyy FineReader PDF 15 Standard when converting to pdf a sample of scanned jpg images (which originally came from an analog photocopier). All jpg images have the same resolution (300 dpi from the scanner).

Using "Convert to pdf" and "Add file" to get from a few scanned pages to a single pdf will always result in widely differing page sizes for each scanned page. Text recognition and identification of text, table and images inside the scanned jpgs is ok. 

Is there any feature that allows to set (or change) page size (page-wise) in the Abbyy FineReader PDF 15 software? Either when generating the pdf or after that in the pdf-editor?

Or can you make a suggeston how else to produce a pdf with all pages the same size from jpgs?


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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Reinhold,

    It may happen if the jpeg image sizes differ. Also, FineReader PDF has a setting to automatically correct image resolution, which also may result in different page sizes.

    To solve the issue, you can try this:

    • Go to Options dialogue ("More options..." if you're using "Convert to PDF" button), "Format Settings" tab, check "Use one paper size for all page images" and set the desired size.
    • Unselect the option "Correct image resolution" on Image Processing tab in the Options dialougue. (Make sure to click "Show custom settings" to see this option.)
    • If the page size is only slightly different and you need to adjust only margins to make it the same, you may try using "Crop" tool in the PDF Editor, menu "Edit" -> "Crop Pages..." or the button on the main toolbar.

    Hope it helps! 


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    Reinhold Störmann

    Hello Yuriy,

    thanks for your suggestions. Yesterday I tied your first suggestion as I found that option in "Format settings" and checked "Use one paper size for all page images" - setting to German DIN A4 - even before your answer came in today. 

    The result was not satisfactory. The pages which were far too large with the previous settings were now cropped in the pdf output - resulting in a lot of text and graphics missing.

    I also tried to use the "crop" tool in the pdf editor after converting the jpgs (with old settings) - but those pages that were far too large cannot be cropped to the desired standard page format DIN A4 without some text and graphics being cropped away.

    Today I tried your second suggestion and unselected the option "Correct image resolution" - but again the pages that were too lare before are now cropped with loss of text.

    To give you a better impression what the problem is, I included here the pdf generated from Abbyy FineReader 15 (all 4 pages arranged in two rows by two columns) 

    1. Standard settings for FineReader

    2. checked "Use one paper size for all page images" - setting to German DIN A4 - and unselected the option "Correct image resolution"

    Fortunately, in the meantime I found a work-around for the problem :

    Constructing a Libre Office Document (probably a recent version of MS Word would also do the trick) and putting the relevent jpgs - in correct order - each on one page; then creating a pdf from that document with the "export as pdf" function of Libre Office; reading the Libre Office created pdf into Abbyy FineReader and doing the OCR and saving the document again.

    I think even though this trick works, it is rather cumbersome and there should be a better way.

    Kind regards


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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Reinhold,

    Thank you for your message and for providing additional information on the issue! I've created a support ticket for it, soon our support team specialists will contact you to clarify the issue further.


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    Karel T

    And one year later the same issue still persists :-(


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    Karel T

    I have actually resolved this issue today. The source of the problem, at least in my case, was varying DPI setting in the source images. I am not talking about width/height in pixels - those were identical. It was the DPI setting in the image header that was varying. Abbyy is unable to handle this :-/ What you need to do is prepare your source images by changing their DPI value to be identical. You can use free ImageMagick for that:

    example of my command (overwrites source images): magick mogrify -units PixelsPerInch -density 96 *.png

    When you input images with identical DPI setting in the header, Abbyy is finally able to export a PDF with identically sized images.




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