Showing alerts on the Indexing station if the indexing field was filled incorrectly in FineReader Server 14

You can show an alert to an Indexing operator on the Indexing station if some fields have a value different from the one you would need.

To do this, you can configure a desired indexing value using regular expressions:

The operator will not be able to accept a document if the field value doesn't match the regular expression.

You can also use a When Document Indexing Is Finished script to show a specific error message:

The script is run on the Indexing station. If you throw an error, it will be shown in a dialogue. For example:

// JScript
if (IndexingResult != IFR_DocumentAccepted) return;
if (Attributes("Field").Value != "Hello") {
throw new Error("Field value must be equal to \"Hello\"");

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