Repeating Groups

I am designing a FlexiCapture template to extract Invoice number(header) and Line Item details.

I had to use Repeating Groups for the Line Item Details, as the Columns are very complicated.

When I extract the data, I need the Invoice Number to be Repeated for Each Line Item.


InvNum || Item 1 || Qty || Price

InvNum || Item 2 || Qty || Price

InvNum || Item 3 || Qty || Price


The invoice number in this case is from the header of the invoice.

So far I have created a nested Repeating Group for the Invoice Number and then the Invoice Line Items.


I am not sure how to combine them on the Blocks to be ONE Table


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    I don't think this is possible without a forward fill function in your export db.

    I haven't set up my RG's and Blocks like this though so I may be wrong, what is the table your posting to look like in the doc def?

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    Tony Connell


    Is there a reason why you are not using FlexiCapture for Invoices where this is already pre-built out of the box?

    Details about the product, which is add on to FlexiCapture 12, can be seen here:


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    Dear Rhyno

    Please try to make a simple script rule in your DocumentDefinition. You can add an extra column InvoiceNo for your rep. group in document definition editor. And then select this field make a simple C# script: 

    1. in script properties please add both fields: InvoiceNo and InvNo.

    2. try to use the next script: 

    Context.Field("InvoiceNo").Text = Context.Field("InvNo").Text


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    Rhyno Pauley

    Hi Andrey


    Thank you so much for the information! it worked really well. It was exactly what I needed. 

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    Very nice to hear! Good luck with your investigation of FC and please feel free to contact!


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