FineReader Mac: Internal program error and other questions

I'm a new FineReader Mac user and I have some questions.


1. Several of my documents are having multiple errors like this:

Internal program error:
Src/DefaultFontMetrics.cpp, 56.

I found a Windows fix but nothing for Mac. How do I fix this so my pages all get recognized?

2. Is there a way to find all the pages that don't have any recognized text?

3. Sometimes FineReader sees my blank pages as images or something. I think maybe I'm getting too much shadow on the pages. Is there a way to select a page and tell FineReader it's supposed to be a blank page so it'll split output on on that page?


4. Some of my pages have shadows where the page curved if I scanned a book. Is there a way to use image tools to get rid of the curve shadow?

Thank you.

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    Nina Blokhina

    Hello Chris! I created a ticket for your question, please expect an email from us.

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    Chris W


    Any update on this?

    Thank you!

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the delay. We  will reply you today.

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    Marten Theodoor Tiemensma

    I do have the same problem. Did you got an answer?

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    Margarita Nefedova

    Hello Marten Theodoor Tiemensma

    I`ve created a support ticket based on your comment. Please await a reply from our Support Team.


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