PDF > Word - The File Converts Successfully But How Can I Change the Font Colors of Styles That Arrive With the Word Conversion


Converted some pretty long PDF files to Word.  Everything converted identically to the native files.

The converted Word file contains Word Styles for both Body Text and Normal.

When I tried to alter the color of the text these styles use there was no change.  Neither from the existing text, nor from new text that used this style.

Imported Character styles could be applied to text to get different colors.

Newly created styles DID respect style-level color changes.

It was possible to select all text and use the default font color change from the toolbar:

That worked for all the existing text in the document, and SEEMED to even apply to new text that was typed in.

But, couldn't get the styles that arrive with the converted document to respect color changes made from the style interface.  Selecting the styles that arrive with a converted document and choosing edit to change the color, the text remained black.

What do you think is happening?



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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi OT,

    Let me open a support ticket for this question and ask our specialists to check. They will contact you soon. 

    Best regards,



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