Abbyy Finereader opens minimized. If I force it to maximize I cannot resize window

On my windows 10 machine Abbyy Finereader 15 now only opens minimized.  When I click on a shortcut the program is hidden.  If I double click on the icon on my task bar nothing happens.  If I hold the hold the Alt and Shift key and then right click the mouse I can select Maximaze and it will open on my screen but I am unable to resize the window to take up less space.  If I click on the double window icon next to the X at the upper right of the window it minimizes the program rather than allow me to resize the window.  Any ideas how to solve this?  I rebooted my computer and have run a virus scan and the problem persists.  I have not noticed this problem with other software programs.



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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hi Paul,

    I`ve created a support ticket for investigation of the issue described. Customer Support will contact you soon.


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