Same Vendor Details - Failed to recognize the correct Invoice

Hi there,

i have couple of vendors say X,Y & Z. Each vendor has the same vendor details example as below

Country :USA , Street:Boston,City:Los Angeles,Zip:12345

Note:All 3 vendors have different invoice template and fields are in different positions.(Invoice Module)

i have added the same vendor details in document definition for all the 3 vendors.

Now when i train X and working fine and test results are pretty good.

But when i train Y or Z during the training the vendor details by default its taking X and during the test its getting failed.How to chase this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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    Try using other keywords on the bill that are unique to each vendor layout and place in the street or city.  For example, one may have a different phone number, one may have a website, etc.


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