Recognizing Handwritten Text as Pciture

I am using OCR Editor in Abbyy Fine Reader PDF 15. Is there a setting or a way to have OCR editor automatically recognize handwritten text as a picture?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Tampa,

    Unfortunately, no, there isn't such a setting. Cursive handwriting, especially such document elements as signatures, shall be usually detected by FineReader PDF as pictures automatically. However, sometimes a handwriting style can resemble so-called "handprinted" style, and then FineReader PDF may not detect it as a picture and try treating it as text. However, recognition of "hanprinted" characters isn't supported by the software, and in such cases such inscriptions shall be marked as picture areas manually. 

    If you have to process monochrome office documents with handwritten color pen marks (like resolutions, notes, etc), you can try using "Remove Color Marks" tool in the Image Editor (in OCR Editor, click "Edit Image", then find "Remove Color Marks" in the list of tools on the right) to get rid of those handwritten pen marks. 

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