Processing server error

Our server stopped processing images for no reason.  There haven't been any changes and we've restarted the services.  Processing server stops after a while and when restarted it runs but it still doesn't pick up images.

already checked the services and they're running.  However, Images are still not being picked up.  The Processing server Monitor shows all Failed Tasks.

This error shows up in the Processing Station Log

3467 | 2021-01-12:11-12-28:778 | 4996 | 1 | E | Ex | EventLog | Src\Stations\Executors\ExecutorProxy.cpp, ln 685: Error initializing the executor: Internal program error:¶Src\Stations\Executors\ExecutorProxy.cpp, 608.¶Error code: 0x2

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    Scott Chau

    Could be a bug that you hit.  I would make sure you have the latest version of FlexiCapture installed.  Contact ABBYY support get the latest version and help troubleshoot this internal program error.


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