Empty check box extraction using flexi layout

Hi Team,

I have two type of check boxes one with value which is ticked and the other one is empty, using flexi layout i need to get both the values which is checked and which is unchecked, I tried using region elements but it is giving me white space or object collection due to which I am not getting the result.

Any idea how to resolve this issue? 





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    Rahul Kapoor


    Please follow below steps:

    1. Create Region Elements around both your checkmarks. Let's name them re1 and re2.
    2. Create a checkmark group type of Block.
    3. Create two checkmark type of blocks under your checkmark group - cm1 & cm2.
    4. Map the two checkmark blocks cm1 & cm2 with your two region elements re1 & re2.
    5. Save & Export your layout and import in your document definition.
    6. In Project setup station, go to the Properties of your elements cm1 and cm2. 
    7. Go to Recognition -> Filling Type -> Set it to "Square".

    Hope this resolves your query!

    Rahul Kapoor


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