Issues with Multipage & Multiple Tables Flexilayout Studio12

Hi ,

I  created Flexilayout for a invoice where the invoice has multiple tables .Each table can have a single row or multiple rows. Application is recognizing all the tables from flexi layout. But when i am testing the same flexi layout after importing to document definition it is only returning rows from first table only. Not returning the other table values.

I have used repeating groups for recognizing the multiple tables.

Can anyone help me here.




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    Scott Chau

    Does the FlexiLayout project account for multipage?  Meaning did you set the min and max page.  Also Headers and Footer if you're not using predefined assembly of document.  

    If it works in FlexiLayout generally the same image should work in FlexiCapture side.  If you have a project I can look at it.  


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