Training not possible in Vantage


Hi, I'm not able to train a custom Classifier Skill. As you can see, I have 2 classes, with each several documents. Yet the training button remains greyed out:


In the Chrome console, I'm seeing several errors that may be related:


Kind regards

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    Maxime Vermeir

    Thanks for reporting this Frederic Taes!

    I see you've also submitted this feedback via a support ticket, we'll be getting back to you there and then post the solution here as well.

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    Egor Budnikov

    Hi Frederick!

    I see the indication that the first class contains zero documents (Docs #0). It is unclear why.

    But it leads to the limitation that you cannot train a Classification Skill with only one class.

    Try and upload InvoiceEU documents again. Maybe try and upload other documents if there is something wrong with these pdfs.

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    Andrew Zyuzin

    Hi Frederic! Glad you try Vantage!

    The most probable reason is that Vantage was not able properly import PDF files into InvoiceUE class, e.g. they are password protected. Alpa-3 version, you are working with, have a limited support of digitally born PDF files, e.g. it may not work correctly when fonts are not embedded in the file. Could you upload another files in InvoiceEU class and share these two PDF-s with us, so we can reproduce the issue, investigate in details and ensure we eliminate it by Beta.


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