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when i've imported documents in finereader and do a check of the ocr i have 2 different kinds of errors: the spell checker finds unknown words or words (the "green one"). But there is an other check where i have to look at all the characters where finereader isn't sure the recognition was correct (the "red one"). But 99% of the "red errors" are correct. It takes so much time to check all the error mainly because the most are correct.

Can i disable the second check and only use the spell checker?

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Friedrick,

    You can change which type of errors is taken into consideration by clicking "Options" button in the Verify tool window:

    or by clicking "Options" button anywhere else in the interface of the OCR Editor and switching to "Areas and Text" tab.

    However, the "red errors" by default are exactly those triggered by the spell checker, so if you turn them off spell checker won't work in FineReader. Those which "FineReader isn't sure if recognition was correct" are by default marked in blue, and you can turn off the option "Check words with low-confidence characters" to make Verify tool skip them (however, they still will be highlighted):

    Best regards,



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