Export Email Attachment to folder



Is it possible to export email attachment to a folder if the attachment is an excel for example ?


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    Scott Chau

    Technically we would covert that excel file for OCR extraction.  You would then get an searchable PDF of that excel file after processing. 

    Is there a reason why you want the Excel attachment export to a folder?  

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    Adrian Enders

    Yep. As far as I can tell you would need a custom script on Export however. Make sure that the importer is configured to create an attachment on the batch from the attachment on the email. "Attach mail to batch"

    Then, inside of an export script you can access the attachments and save them to a file:

    IUserAttachment (

    This is high level. I can get you more information if you need it. Scott's question is valid, why would you want to do this? At this point you are just transferring files around. I would see if there was a better way.


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