Can you explain the concept of a Vantage skill?

A Vantage skill offers a no-code design approach for citizen developers to configure and train document   models for all types of documents (structured and unstructured), without having to be a machine learning expert. Vantage comes with several pre-trained skills built by ABBYY including invoices, purchase orders, and receipts, and users can create their own skills based on their documents.

The following describes the different skills in Vantage.

  • Core skills – out-the-box core skills include Document Vision (OCR), Classification, and Extraction which are the foundation for all your document processing needs.
  • Framework skill – A framework skill provides the starting point of a Document Skill where the fields of a specific document type are labeled, and business rules have been configured. A Framework Skill may require additional training based on the customer’s data set to achieve good quality accuracy. ABBYY is developing several skills of this type that will be made available in the ABBYY Marketplace at time of general release. Some examples include bills of lading, W-2 tax form, and utility bills.
  • Trained skill – A trained skill is a fully productized Document Skill, which “understands” a specific document type. ABBYY is developing and releasing trained skills for common document use cases like invoices, purchase orders, and receipts. ABBYY partners, and customers can also build out their own trained skills that are connected into a process or digital worker.
  • Process skill – Combines Classification and Document Skills with business logic to create multi-step business process flows and address more complex business requirements.

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