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Hi there, I want to process/train some Microsoft word documents which is having structured format. Wanted to understand the initial steps. I am using Project setup Station to implement this. May I know what are the predefines or initial steps or settings that I need to do as a part of configuration either in project setup Station or corresponding document definition. Thanks, Avinash

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    Scott Chau

    FlexiCapture engine SDK doesn't process word file.  You will have to convert them to PDF or an image file first.  Otherwise, look at our other product, FlexiCapture SDK.  

    As for processing fixform, check with your sales rep on attending our training course. There are too many steps to write them out here.  You can also look at youtube video from some of our partners.


    ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 - Using Anchors with a Fixed From - YouTube


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