4 Questions: Disable OCR at PDF input // disable image auto-rotation // Subtext for images // default settings for tables

I have 4 little questions that i could not be awsered using google.

1.) When i import a pdf file that should be converted into epub offen only layout analyse is necessary because the text recognition was done using an other tool or the source for the pdf file was normal text. So the text is perfect but not the layout (using the same layout in pdf and epub offen is a bad idea).

2.) finereader sometimes tries to "optimize" the images and rotates them. the result is offen bad. Most of my input files are scanned in high quality and auto rotation is not neseccary. Can i disable this completely?

3.) Images offen has a "subtext" that should be formatted differently than normal text. Is there a function to mark text as subtext of an image?

4.) can i adjust default settings to tables so that finereader formats all tables in the way?

Thanks and Greets from Austria

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Alex,

    I think your publication better suits the Q&A section of our Community so I've moved it there.

    1. If you're sure in the quality of the digital text in the PDF that you're converting, you can set FineReader PDF 15 to use it instead of doing OCR. In the Options, go to "OCR" tab, and set "PDF recognition mode" to "Use only text from PDF":

    2. You can disable automatic correction of page image orientation in the Options: "Image Processing" tab, "Image preprocessing settings" section - uncheck "Correct page orientation" checkmark.

    3. I'f I'm not mistaken, you're talking about captions. There's no separate text function for captions in FineReader PDF 15, but usually FineReader keeps their formatting as in the original, so if they have a distinct formatiing there, it shall be kept. 

    4. FineReader PDF 15 analyses and defines structue of every table individually based on its appearance and text found inside, and there is nothing like "presets" of settings for tables. However, if you have multiple pages with the tables of exatly the same structure in them, you can try using Area template for such pages (menu "Tools" -> "Save Area Template..." and "Load Area Template...").

    But let me ask you: if you had any kind of presets for tables of different types in mind, what kind of the settings would you like to have aviailable? 

    Best regards,



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