Ensure All Imported Images are the Same Size for Layouts

Hi Everyone,

We are running our instance to account for widely differing DPI's (from 70's to 700's) and with that different image sizes.  Is there a way I can account for this by making sure my flexilayout relations/measurements are always the same?

I have tried using an image enhancement profile when images are imported to make them 300dpi.  Unfortunately, this doesn't always work and I've seen images after this update not have the same relations as a native 300dpi document.  For example, I have a created a layout based on a 300dpi document for a vendor, when a 200dpi document comes in for this vendor, it is updated to be 300dpi during image import using the image enhancement profile.  The unfortunate part is that the relations and size of the newly updated document appear smaller than if it was using the original 200dpi document before the image enhancement profile.  The confusing part is I've seen this 300dpi image enhancement profile work on other documents.  Does it have nothing to do with dpi and to do directly with the Width, Height in pixels?  If so, is there a way I can standardize this?

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    Scott Chau

    You can't use the DPI to create a standard image size.  It gets even worst with this because some format also can specify the image size too.  A better way to deal with this is to create a more through logic.  i.e. Above this but below another element.  Or if you want to play with FLL, you can change your relation based on the image height or width.  For example, looking at the below script, it adjust the region based on the label height.


    Let W=checklabel.Height;

    If checkLabel.IsNull then


    //searching relatively to the height of static text "CheckLabel"


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    Thanks Scott, 

    For the most part, my layouts are working based on keyword relation and dynamic enough to handle most cases.  But since we are seeing such large variations, I do come into issues at times with more complex layouts (2-3 repeating groups based on Header/Footer style keywords).  I'm surprised there isn't an option to standardize down to a specific height/size and DPI


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