[FineReader 15] How do I get OCR editor to output all PDF pages in the same size?

I'm yet to understand what goes on with the way the OCR Editor in FineReader output pages, because I am consistently having these issues:

1. Given the input files all have the same size and resolutions:

Pre-processing will screw everything. It will change page resolutions unecessarily and the ones it changed will either get bigger or smaller than the others in the output file.

Often, when I disable preprocessing and analyse the pages manually, it will recognise the images whose resolution it complains about just fine, the difference being that when I analyse/recognise them manually, no page will get bigger or smaller than the others.


2. Given the input files have different sizes or resolutions.

Then it's even worse, because if I don't preprocess them, I know I'll have pages of different sizes, but if I do preprocess them, FineReader OCR Editor will make the size difference even bigger.
So how do I get it to always output PDFs with all pages with the  same size/scale?

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    Nina Blokhina

    Hello Ezequiel, I created a support ticket for your question. Please await an email from us.


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