What are some of the unique aspects of Vantage?

Vantage is a next generation platform for intelligent document processing. Vantage “Skills” as ABBYY refers to these trained document models, are connected into the new digital workforce to understand and process content, including semi-structured and unstructured documents.
Some of the unique differences with Vantage include:

  • Easy to use – Vantage is a no-code / low-code application, built for the citizen developer making it easy to train document skills without having to be an expert in OCR and Machine Learning. This simple approach enables businesses to deliver value much quicker across many business functions and processes.
  • Next-level intelligence – Built on ABBYY’s latest technology, Vantage incorporates both deep and fast machine learning, that requires no templates, or layout and extraction rules. Unlike alternative solutions, Vantage starts learning from just a few documents and does not require thousands of training samples to get started. Furthermore, Vantage comes ready with several trained document models that customers can use to accelerate moving projects into production.
  • Massive, game-changing approach to getting started – The new ABBYY Marketplace offers an online digital community to the customer and partner community to facilitate exchange and use of Vantage skills and assets. ​The ABBYY Marketplace is designed to share knowledge, solutions, and increase re-use of assets to accelerate implementation and reduce effort.
  • Connects to any system, process, or device – Vantage can run completely stand-alone orchestrating the document process from input to process to output, or by using one of several pre-built connectors available (e.g. UiPath or Blue Prism). Furthermore, developers can build their own connectors using the Vantage REST API. Using the REST API, connectors can be developed to RPA, BPM, and conversational AI chatbots, data analytics, capture devices, and virtually any other intelligent automation system.

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