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Customer have documents of 2-3 pages pdfs. I need to set header and footer.
Header is no problem, but footer is.
I can only set page number for footer, eg. 2/2 or 3/3, which works fine with static text.
Problem appears when document have 2 pages (eg 1/3 and 2/3), if I add test 2/3 then all 3 pages documents fails, because second page is marked as footer as last page.
I have tried to add another static text element, but have problem setting required element.
I have tried with required group, but if static text is optional, than not found.

Please advise how to solve set footer.

BR, Mario



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    Adrian Enders

    Do you need to have a footer? Try disabling the footer and setting the FLS to have a "Maximum number of pages" = 3.

    You should be looking to identify a footer (or header too really) of more than a few characters. When I am forced to use only a few characters to search for then I always set the element to search exact - set "Max error percentage" to 0. Then it should not match when it finds "2/3".

    There are other settings that can have an effect too, as we can't see the whole project. Can you share the project and some sample images?

    Good luck


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