What is the maximum number of files to convert in one batch?

If I select 2000 PDF files for conversion to searchable PDF file using Abbyy finereader converter I get an error message indicating filename or extension is too long (see attached screenshot).

Question: what is the maximum amount of files to select to convert with Abbyy Finereader?



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    Scott Chau

    It looks like you're using FineReader Retail from the screenshot and not FineReader Engine (The forum you're asking your questions in).  Might want to ask your retail question in the retail section.  This is the SDK product

    The issue you're probably having is you're trying to convert all the files into one PDF and the mechanism is probably do a command line where it list all the files and path.  This is too long for the normal Windows path.  If you have the corporate edition, you might want to try the hot folder or you do the conversion in smaller batches.


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