Logging Verification Operator for Export

Using the thick client, I'm trying to note in a field which user opened Verification. This field cannot be changed after closing the task because it is used for workflow routing on the back-end. My problem is that the field *is* changed to a service account running the processing stations.

I've tried using rules and event handlers. The closest I've gotten was setting that field to the correct value in the "After document rules are checked" event handler, but it still gets overwritten further down the workflow. In my case the only stage after Verification is Export.

What can I do to acquire the user who opened a document in Verification, put it in a field, and never change that field? Note that putting an IsNullOrEmpty check does not work because then the service account rather than the user account is always applied (presumably during recognition or some other processing station task earlier in the workflow).

Any suggestions or advice are most welcome, as I've been banging my head on the desk over this for quite a while now. :)



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    Scott Chau


    I would create a rule based on the stage you're in.  This way the rule doesn't run all the time and get populated with the service account

    Something like this.


    if ( Context.Document.StageInfo.StageName == "Verification" )
    Context.Text = FCTools.CurrentUserSession.UserName;


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