only one document definition in one batch

Hi all!

I have situation and have no idea how to deal with it.
So here is my problem, I need to create a batch which uses document definition only for once.

To clarify, let's say I create batch which uses document definition with FL named Test1.
This definition recognizes documents with header "test".
Now I import one PDF with two or more same documents inside, all are documents has "test" header, so I need that abbyy merge both these documents in one and recognize text only from first one and all other pages are treat as annex page automatically. 

Any ideas?




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    Adrian Enders

    Sure. You already have your document separation defined by the PDF file itself. So when you are importing the file you are configuring FC "for each file". Now just disable the header (and footer) - probably. There are lots of question, however. Is there only one document definition in the project? If FC does not need to differentiate between different document definitions, then let import handle the separation and just disable the header.

    If FC does need to differentiate between different document definitions, you may need to set up a batch type to specify what document definition the imported PDF goes to. The "disable the header" approach will still work here. 

    However, you cannot give FC conflicting instructions. You cannot give FC rules to both separate and identify a doc def - but then don't separate and identify. The only other way that I am aware of would be a custom script to separate. This is much more complicated to handle. Does this help?

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    Shams Shahriar Sharif

    Dear Adrian Enders,

    for example: Suppose one PDF file inside that pdf file have 5 pages and those 5 pages are same for that pdf file FC create a batch automatically using Hot folder. inside the batch FC create 5 document definition for 5 pages but I need 1st page create a document definition and other pages marge on that and treat as annex page.


    any ideas? 

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    Adrian Enders

    Absolutely. I am assuming you have only 1 document definition in the project then as you didn't really answer my question directly. I was only providing general guidance, so I will provide a little more detail and see if this gets you moving.

    First, you will need to create a Batch Type. The most important thing about the Batch Type is that you should configure the "Recognition" tab for the Doc Def you want documents going into:

    Next, your import profile should be directed to this new Batch Type:

    Also, you will want to set the Image Processing to "Create document for each image file":

    Finally, in FLS you want to disable your header and footer, and make sure to allow multipage documents. If you do not know the max number of pages and there could be a lot, then set max number of pages to "INF":

    All of these settings will allow your PDF file to come into FC as that document definition. Be aware that this will not set pages past the first page to annex. They will identify as the document section. But the assembly will be correct for you. If that matters, you will have to write a script that sets subsequent pages to annex pages.

    If this doesn't help get you going you will need to contact your FC support or partner to assist. That's the best I can do, but I have used this technique in the past to accomplish what you said you wanted. I hope this helps. 


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