Can't run ocr process from linux shell


My old server was burned when OVH dissaster happening.

I'm trying to reinstall FREngine 11 on debian server, but I see some changes if I compared with the previous install on old server.

Before, I running del OCR process from shell typing:

/opt/ABBYYOCR11/abbyyocr11 -if inputfile -rl spanish -f TextUnicodeDefaults -tet UTF8 -ido -tslpc -rldm no -recc -of outputfile

But on the new installation I can't find this binary file (abbyyocr11).

Seems I need to run application typing:


But I get this error:

Do not run this program directly: Internal program error:
src/FineNet/ParallelProcessorSettings.cpp, 33..


I must be making a mistake in somewhere

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    Scott Chau


    Looking at previous cases, there are multiple issue for this.  Please create a support cause and supply your sample project and build number so they can help troubleshoot the issue.


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