How to implement multiple tables with duplicate/repeated column names using flexi layout studio.

Hi There,

i have a PDF document where there is a section say "Contractor Details" which contains some set of fields.(screenshot below).This section will be repeated twice, thrice ....n times. Well i am training this using flex layout studio under repeating groups.

The problem here is when i was testing the field values are not referring from the same section. Ex: DateOfBirth , Phone are displaying from 1st iteration of Section "Contractor Details" and again the other fields Surname, Given name are displaying from 2nd Iteration of Section" Contractor Details".

Basically i want the output for all the fields to display from the 1st iteration of section " Contractor Details". and then move on to 2nd iteration of Section " Contractor Details".

Hope i am clear in explaining the issue and the requirement.

Note: The field names are same in each iteration of section " Contractor Details".

Please correct me if am going in a wrong approach using Label fields & table in the below dev. Because i am considering it as a table essentially it doesn't looks like a table where there are no rows and columns. Fields inside the table and the section "Contractor Details" is getting repeated.

below screenshots FYR.



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    Scott Chau


    That looks nothing like a table.  They are consider individual field.  You have to use repeating group and describe the logic for the first instance only.  It should then find the rest of the instance.  Did you ever take the FlexiCapture Advanced course?  There was an EOB sample project that explained how to setup a repeatable group.  

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    Hi Scott,

    i had experience using repeating groups with the tables. but unfortunately this is something new requirement and a new challenge where the field names are repeated/duplicated in every section . 

    It could be grateful if you can help me with the logic that you are trying to say.



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