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I would like to redact a specific phrase on a document based on the input from the users, as the "redact keywords" will be different on each document being imported, so there is no way I can define the " search text" of the static text element while configuring the flexi layout.

Is there any way I can modify the "search text" dynamically after the document is imported and afterI get the list of redact keywords from the users? (Every document will have a different list of redact keywords).  

Or how can I create a field dynamically using the list of keywords provided by the users after the document in being imported to the batch? 




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    Adrian Enders

    Interesting use case. The only way I can see this working is with "input parameters". Never done it, so I can't really provide guidance. I know the only way to pass values into an FLS project this way is with input parameters.

    Search Text of Static Text elements can be dynamically driven off of database tables. A static text element will only return 1 result however, unless you put it into a Repeating Group.  And if each document will have different values, then you have to somehow get the FLS project to understand that.

    If the user data can be stored in a DB table with a unique id for each document, then you can pass that id as an input parameter to FLS, put the static text element into a repeating group, and have the static text element work against the database filtered by the input parameter doc id, you would get a list of values to search for on the document. This will take some custom scripting. I don't think you will be able to do this, but I would love to see if you pull this off. Best of luck!


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