Partial Values are exporting for 2 fields into CSV Output file

Hi There,

i have 3 types of input files - PDF, Word & Scanned documents. All 3 are semi structured.

All the input files are working fine when tested under Test Batches in document definition. All output values are displaying fine.

But when I am testing WORD Doc samples from server, the output in CSV Files for one field say "vendor name" the output is coming partial and another field say "vendor leader contact" its coming as empty. The same documents when i tested under Test Batches all values are displaying properly.

This is happening only for word document input files only. Rest of the field values for word documents are appearing properly. Also the same field values are appearing properly for PDF & Scanned documents too.

Is it something that we need to do any settings for Word document files ? Or Excel is trimming the value ?

Can you please help on this ?

Scott Chau : Appreciate your response if you can provide your inputs.




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    Scott Chau


    You can't just load a file and look at the result file.  You also need to see what is happening in between.  What does it show in the Project Setup Station?  Is the value there?  If there is no value there, what you are exporting is correct and you need to look at the layout.  Print the word file to a PDF and load it in your FlexiLayout to see where the issue could be. 


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