Flexicapture -> Custom workflow -> Get sum of line items

Has anyone tried getting the sum of line items using script?

After recognition, I have a custom worflow.

I want to perform the below:

1. count number of line items captured by ABBYY FC after recognition (previous stage)

2. get TotalPriceNetto against each line item

3. Sum TotalPriceNetto

4. Compare this sum against Invoice total field

5. Export if sum is matching, if not matching send to verification


Any ideas or is this even doable with ABBYY FCI?




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    Scott Chau


    You technically need to do a workflow script.  In your DocDef there are rules call check sum.  Use that.  Then if you want it to go to verification, in your workflow, just set it to enter Verification Stage if there are any error message.


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    Prabhakaran Subramanian

    Hey Scott, appreciate your response.

    But this sum is giving only for one row item, doesn't let to iterate for number of row items.

    For eg.

    If the invoice has 5 line items, I need to find the count as 5,

    and get total price net against each line item and then sum all of them

    Once I get the sum, I need to check against the invoice total field captured by ABBYY FC


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    Scott Chau

    Sorry maybe I'm not understanding.  That check sum will add each line up and check it against the total field.  You just need to tell it to look at which field on the row and the total field.  If it still doesn't work, do you have a sample project I can look at?


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