Removing extraction tag from document

Hi Team,

May I please request you to advise the approach if someone has implement following part:

Scenario:- We have trained model extracting fields from document(pdf). Due to some reason, I want to remove the extracted tag from document based on satisfying particular condition.

I have tried rules, custom script and able to remove value from field  (Context.Value) but it does not remove the extraction  tag present on the document.

So, Is there any way with which we can delete the entire extraction tag (on document) in addition to removing only value.


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    Scott Chau

    If you want to hide a field in Verification, you would need to use the  IsVisible boolean in your script. sudo code would be something like

    if filed1 value = "1" then

    field2.IsVisble = True


    This would only hide the field.  Export would still happen to that field.

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    Adrian Enders

    What do you mean "extraction tag"? I'm not understanding.


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