Accessing Vantage eLearning Training Featured

There currently is three independent eLearning courses available for ABBYY Vantage.

Fundamentals: This course gives an overview of core Vantage capabilities. You will learn how to configure, train, and publish Vantage Skills, and how to connect them with the business system of choice at your organization.

Intermediate: This course will give you a better understanding of Vantage architecture as well as document processing workflows. You will learn some advanced techniques for Skills creation and find out how to create a connector using Vantage's REST API.

Vantage Advanced Designer: This course will give you an overview of Vantage Advanced Designer, its key features and functionality. Here you will find information on the most common use cases for Advanced Designer, and learn how to create Documents Skills for documents of any complexity.

You can access the training by going to the ABBYY University. From there users can self-register on the platform and our team will approve your ABBYY University account. Once your account has been approved users will receive an invitation email with credentials log in.

Upon logging into the platform, you will want to click on Catalog and then select ABBYY Vantage. You will then see the Independent eLearning Courses and a Certification test that can also be completed.


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