Using Document Sections of different Doc definition at runtime


There are lot of invoice variations in my project with many common fields and few variant fields. I want those common fields in one template and variant fields I can create in other template and import common fields everytime and required template with variant fields. I want to use document sections of different document definition at runtime i.e, at verification. Is it possible? 

If anyone could suggest me the workflow would help. 



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    Rahul Kapoor

    I think a custom workflow will help you in this case. You have to customize your workflow in below order:

    1. Import
    2. Recognize (with layout 1 having fields A, B & C)
    3. Export 1 (which will export values of A, B & C)
    4. Script stage which will clear the recognition and change the layout to layout 2.
    5. Recognize 2 (with layout 2 having fields D, E & F)
    6. Export 2 (which will export values of fields D, E & F)

    You also have to configure it in such a way that Export 1 and 2 will go in same output excel (if exporting to excel).

    Let me know if you face any issue in this.

    Rahul Kapoor


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