Problem with reopening the JPG-file in Fine Reader OCR Editor

OCR Editor sometimes processes the image with errors. So I have to reopen the JPG file. It means, that I have to choose: "page properties", then "reopen the page ...". In the opened window, I have to find the file, to select it and to load it again. It is a couple of steps

Is there one button in the program that causes the JPG file to be reloaded, since the program stores the path to the file in the "page image source" anyway?



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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello TJ,

    Thank you for your suggestion! We will concider making page reopening more convenient when a user needs to use the same file. Consider, however, that reopening a page in such a situation usually involves changing the settings for preprocessing, languages, etc. - and this possibility is provided now. But in general it can be done in a simpler way for sure.

    Best regards,



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