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Hi, I'm an active member of this forum and have been working on Abbyy products from 5+ years. What I have seen on this forum is that every comment I do on any query posted by any user, it required approval from the forum admin. I can understand, this process is to keep spammers away from the community forum but this actually makes the whole process of query resolution a lot slow. I have some suggestions for this:

1. Can we have a verified check for serious contributors (non-abbyy contributors) on this forum just like we have on social media and any comment by them shouldn't require approval.

2. Abbyy can encourage and appreciate the active forum members who give their personal time to this community. A small reward, like how other tech communities are doing (making MVPs, gifting merchandise etc.), would make this Abbyy community grow and will surely attract more contributors to help other.

Thank & Regards,
Rahul Kapoor

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