Clarification about vendor name in scripts

Hey Rahul,i need your help.

Abbyy cannot recognize proper vendor based on address, so i made changes in script can you suggest is the script logic is correct

1.From remit to address i made script to read certain value and if that value is present in that remit to address then apply this vendor name in the place of vendor name

if((Context.Field("RemitTo").Text.Contains("12345(postal code)")||Context.Field("RemitTo").Text.Contains ("streetname"))&&(Context.Field("RemitTo").Text.Contains("56789") ||Context.Field("RemitTo").Text.Contains("cityname")))
only from remit to address we can fetch vendor name so i used this script,but my head said this is not fine because it have keyword contains so it may affect other vendor having this number in their remit to address,but i dont knw how it affect because i have used many conditions and also i have cross checked with data in db .
from my condition even though it has keyword contains it wont fetch data like 0012345 instead of 12345 so also i added street name combination with it.
Note:In Remit to address i used replace for spaces,comma and fullstop.

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