Script is not getting enabled for vendor name,getting exceptional error.

Hi all,

I'm using script for vendor name when abbyy fail to recognize vendor name properly,normally those scripts were executing.This time the script gets enabled but there was no change for vendor name.the script was if this field contains this value then this must be the vendor name.I just did more validations but nothing worked, i need your help guys or i need to try by creating a new block again.


1.I'm getting error as there is field with that name but before getting into script i added the field.

2.For address part the script is getting executed only for vendor name, city and street this is not working when all other scripts gets executed.

3.I made changes to  this field as only read-only, or can be editable i tried both options but no impact. 

Attached screenshot:

Something i'm missing this time which it didn't happened for other fields and scripts.I tried script 

Context.Field("AbilityRemitTo").Text=="XXX" or Contains("XXX") then Context.Field("Name").Text="zzz";





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