Files edited using ABBYY can't be opened properly in Adobe

I want to view a number of pdfs using Adobe, but individual pages in some of the files are unable to load completely for display and an error message pops up saying 'Insufficient data for an image.' These pdfs have all been edited and made text-searchable using Abbyy FineReader, but the problem appears seemingly at random - some files are completely fine, others aren't.

Compressing the file doesn't change anything, the same pages still give me the 'insufficient data' message.


Is there any way to fix this?

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    Scott Chau

    This might be an issue with the old version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  Older version might not support the new PDF specification.  You remedy that situation, you might want to save your file in a PDF/A format.  If that doesn't work, please submit a support case with your problem sample image.


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