Flexi Capture - Search Element - Character String - Using Regular Expressions

Hi All,

I m trying to extract table from different PDFs. However some table headers/data have "(1)" , "(2)" etc. 


I need to ignore $ and (N) both.

How can I identify this numbers in an character string in repeating group using regular expression so that I can pass them in other strings to be ignored.

Any ideas / suggestions around this?

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    You can create a Repeating Group that with 2 character string objects that looks for 

    1 - RE = [(]N[)] 
    2 - RE = [(][$][)]

    Could also just look for #2 above and then create another object or Character String to look and grab what's right of it to ignore

    And then add these to exclude from the Repeating Group you are using to capture.


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