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Exporting data to a CSV file and the last value header is "ExportedImagePath" within that CSV file. It will display the whole path, file name, etc. except for the file extension. If I look at the CSV file, there is another header value for for "Image_Name" that does include the file extension. Is there an easy way to add the file extension to the "ExportedImagePath"?
C:\ABBYY\Export Folder\Batch HF_2021-05-26T08.39.21.986\vendorX_IN258944_05-04-2021
Desired Output:
C:\ABBYY\Export Folder\Batch HF_2021-05-26T08.39.21.986\vendorX_IN258944_05-04-2021.pdf

"Image_Name" and "ExportImagePath" seem to be system fields and I guess I dont know how to access them? 

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    Scott Chau


    Scripting with custom export would probably do what you want.  If you want some path, you could put the images in a different location that the data file, it will give you a relative path.

    I remember in the older version it would give you the full path.  Maybe create a support case and check with support.  There might be registry you can enable to get that full path again.  


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