Some files lagging badly in FineReader

I'm not sure whether this is an issue with ABBYY itself, my computer, or the files I'm working with, but hopefully I can still get some help. Some of the files I'm currently working with seem to slow ABBYY FineReader and the OCR Editor down significantly; editing images or running analysis/ocr takes ages, and even simply scrolling down from one page to the next can take minutes. If I do something, the program seems to freeze for a bit, often displaying a '(program not responding)' message in the top program header until it finally catches up to what I've asked it to do. 

This problem only appears with certain files, while others of the same size or larger are just fine. Compressing doesn't have any effect.

This doesn't affect what I can do in ABBYY, just how long it takes to do it, and is a bit of an annoyance. Is there anything that can improve this lagging, or an answer as to the cause even if there's no solution? 

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello  Cstoesz,

    the issue you described can be connected with some specific documents, so I created a support ticket to investigate this issue. Please await a reply from ABBYY Customer Support specialist.


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