Integration between ABBYY and SharePoint online custom list attachments

We want to OCR images uploaded to SharePoint, and the OCR capabilities provided by SharePoint will have a lot of limitations, mainly the inability to understand Signatures & most importantly the Checkboxes. So we are planning to go with ABBYY

So can we integrate SharePoint with ABBYY using this scenario:-

  • We have multiple documents that we need to extract for each record
  • We will create a SharePoint custom list which contain all the data that we need to extract from all the images
  • Attached multiple files to the SharePoint list item >> add the new item
  • Then call AbbYY either using Microsoft Power Automate or by writing remote event receivers >> to extract the data from the images and populate SharePoint online list item’s fields.

My question is if the above is achievable or not?


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    Scott Chau

    In FlexiCapture there are limited SharePoint capabilities.  SharePoint wise, its mainly just exporting to SharePoint and mapping some columns.  

    What you want to do is possible but it wouldn't be out of the box feature.  You would need a lot of customization to do what you want.  


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