Field training not working for TOTAL field

Hi all,

In my case i have issue on giving training for total field.

you can see instead of total field it is matching with Balance Due amount and for some invoices there is no Balance due amount at that it is extracting TOTAL amount.

I gave field training for total field but its not impacting.In field training i gave training for PO number and TOTAL field where these two fields were issue, In this case PO number is working as expected but total field is not working.

Note: I also trained in field level training.

Can anyone say how to train for total field or is there any method to train for total field.


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    Scott Chau


    Please refer to this link:  How results from different FlexiLayouts are merged (

    Basically total is one of those field that doesn't always override with training.  "When applying the generic FlexiLayout, the program will specify the level of confidence with which the regions of the Amount fields have been detected. If the regions are detected unreliably, the Total field will require verification"   So if you want to overwrite this special case, you will need to change the registry specified in that link.

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    thanks Scott.


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